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Personal Training

"Fitness for your Lifestyle"

There are many uses for a personal trainer. Sessions are not only used for 1 on 1 workouts but can also be used for personal assessments / goal tracking and monthly workout plans/schedules to help keep you on track.

Meet Our Trainers

At the fitness lab we offer a multi- check fitness assessment when starting a personal training program. The check list includes:

It is a good idea to have these measurements taken once every 3 months: after all if the scale doesn't move anymore it doesn't mean you're not making improvements.

All training takes place in our private gym to get the most out of your workout with as little distractions as possible.

Personal Training Rates

All full length training sessions are 60 minutes.

1 Session $65.00
10 Session Package $60.00 per session ($600 total)
15 Session Package $55.00 per session ($825 total)
20 Session Package $50.00 per session ($1000 total)
45-Minutes $50.00
10 45-Minute Package $45.00 ($450 total)
Express 30 Minutes* $30.00
Bring a friend to your session Add $15.00

*Limited availability, please contact for details
For all personal training requests and appointments please contact Vik